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ONPASSIVE’s Transparency in the Perspective of Employees

The workplace is where employees and employers work together to fulfil their and the company’s goals. It is an interactive…

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The workplace is where employees and employers work together to fulfil their and the company’s goals. It is an interactive environment to build strong connections. Know how ONPASSIVE treats the employees here. All the information is from the perspective of the organization employees. They expressed that….

ONPASSIVE feels that the employees are the greatest assets, works hard day and night for the company. ONPASSIVE makes us feel the best and a part of an integral part of its mission. The organization leadership team always thinks of us and takes an active and genuine interest in the employees, and invests in real-time learning from the primary level. 

It ensures and provides an opportunity for a more productive bunch of employees and growth. The company thinks like we are the valuable assets of an organization. It believes us as the internal customers as the key to business success rely on customer’s satisfaction. The organization has only one formula, making employees feel good and motivating them has higher profitability.

How ONPASSIVE makes employees feel valuable:

Providing flexible work timings:

Every employee wishes to have flexible work timings due to the several reasons and concerns they have. We think to have a better work-life and personal life balance. In fact, employees may be different in their productivity rhythms. 

ONPASSIVE fulfills our wish, and apart from that, it also provides us the Paid Time Off (PTO) and works from home (WFM) in this pandemic. The organization policies are developed for the benefit of both organization and employees. Their policies make us feel happy and retain the right talent.

Respect towards employees:

The organization respects each employee and strictly follows this. It will always be ready to hear us if we have any concerns and solves them. It ensures to collect feedback from us frequently. 

Hires right candidates:

The company always is ready to hire the best employees based on attitude more than ability. They mainly feel that having employees with a good and respectful attitude towards the company and others is better than having good skills and an uncooperative attitude. It believes that providing numerous pieces of training to a disrespectful employee is worthless. That’s how the company takes caution and hires the candidates. 

Provides best opportunities:

ONPASSIVE provides the best opportunity for our growth along with the company growth. It develops unique and exceptional projects, divides the employees into groups and provides an equal chance for every employee to give the best. 

ONPASSIVE with vendors:

The organization also works with the vendors for providing training sessions for us to enhance our skills that can improve product knowledge. It helps to provide better and overall productivity improvement. 

Feedback forms:

The company frequently generates employee’s feedback forms on how to do better to improve business and our work-life satisfaction. It asks us to provide strategies for growth. The primary goal of the feedback is to know the concerns and problems we face. It openly asks us and allows us to share our concerns without any hesitation and resolves them.  

Concluding words:

ONPASSIVE is the best company in terms of technology and ensuring employee happiness. As said earlier, it mainly believes like employees are the greatest assets of every company and need to make sure of their satisfaction. Here, it creates an approach to managing us effectively with the expertise of human resources. It treats us as treasured family members. 

It constantly works to treat us so unique and valuable and reward the employees for being happier, loyal, and productive.


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