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How to Utilize ONPASSIVE Software Tools For Your Business Growth?

Learn how ONPASSIVE tools build businesses New technologies are being built and developed at a rapid pace. Many brands are…

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Learn how ONPASSIVE tools build businesses

New technologies are being built and developed at a rapid pace. Many brands are releasing new products into the market. Before going to choose them, it is essential to identify one’s requirements and finance. At the same time, gaining knowledge of the latest technologies is also necessary to understand which one best suits one’s business requirements.  

A considerable study is required to establish a B2B business. One must get acquainted with the latest technologies and study the pros and cons to build their market in the industry. B2B companies are at work hiring the talents, building the products or tools, and releasing them in the market for usage.


Using AI and ML, driven technology, ONPASSIVE has developed some products to prove its place in the market. Whether it is a student who is willing to enhance his/her skills, a company’s human resource management system aspires to implement effective HR policies, an organization’s accounting system trying to manage accounts efficiently, or an individual making online payments. Whomever it is on this list, there is a solution for each of them through ONPASSIVE tools to utilize and helps business grow.

Here below are some of the tools:

O-Cademy: An individual’s latent talent gets nourished if proper training is givenThis helps to solve complex questions and generate effective solutions. Both the student and the teaching community are showing interest to learn and educate through an online platform. O-Cademy has emerged as an e-learning platform offering a wide range of courses. Built on AI, the tool assesses the learning capabilities of an individual and provides apt courses.

O-Staff: Human resource management is now easy with O-Staff. It is the perfect Human resource management system developed to deal with the complete employee information. Many things need to be taken care of at this level. Starting from hiring the resources, induction and enquiry regarding the wellbeing in terms of any work, employee payrolls and benefits, training, fun and frolic, health tips, to story sharing. All these seem to work out well with a limited number. How about a case wherein employees strength grows day by day. An automation process is suggested in this case. O-staff helps automates the process and helps carry out the work efficiently and seamlessly.

O-Counting: Inventory had not been so simple to handle until the advent of the tool O-Counting. It is an effective tool to deal with account-related information. The complete record of the sales, purchase and invoices can be tracked easily on a timely basis using a structured dashboard. Does the addition of any branch stay as a hindrance to maintaining an inventory? The answer is known with the availability of O-counting that helps recognize, understand and implement the inventory needs of multiple branches right from one place.

O-Wallet: The current time necessitates social distancing towards any work we do. All the payments can be made easily and quickly right from where you operate your computer or a smartphone. Such is the way things got molded with time. The use of digital wallet has been growing. ONPASSIVE’s O-Wallet is a digital wallet tool used to make online payments. The tool keeps track of the ongoing payments and one-time payments. Also, the system prompts for any future payments enabling timely payments.

O-Lead: Businesses require establishing a solid customer relationship. Customers gained through physical interaction, and word of mouth may be limited. However, with the help of this tool, customers can increase by multifold. ONPASSIVE’s CRM tool O-Lead has been developed to meet an effective lead management system. The tool analyses the current trends of interacting with the customers, understanding customer expectations and responding based on their requirements.


All these software tools play a significant role in building your businesses. The above mentioned are just a few of the vast products that help businesses grow. There is still a lot to explore the various AI capability tools of ONPASSIVE. Let us do it.


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